Floor Strip and Wax

When it comes to vinyl floor restoration, time is of the essence. We remove the existing wax buildup and apply four coats of wax with a vinyl flooring that looks brand new. The results speak for themselves. Our customers benefit from our workmanship, enjoying vinyl flooring that has been thoroughly cleaned, stripped, and waxed. The wax coating we apply not only makes your floor look clean and polished, but also extends its ability to hold up to daily high traffic. There is no need to live with ugly, stained, or yellowed vinyl flooring when it is easy, convenient, and affordable to revitalize your flooring with our services.

VCT Tile Cleaning

We’ve provided contract cleaning and other services to industry-leading clients with the highest standards for performance and compliance. This includes serving as a front line provider fighting the pandemic with our COVID-19 cleaning services and response teams.



Grout & Tile Cleaning

Mopping your tile floors is great to keep your floors maintained between professional cleaning but it will not get the deep-down embedded dirt that will cause your tile and grout surfaces to look dull and dingy over time.  Grout is a porous material that will absorb dirt and debris and improper cleaning or use of the wrong products can discolor and permanently weaken your grout.

We Clean Most Types Of Tile On:
  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Showers
  • Walls
  • Any other tiled areas in your home